School’s Out: Let (old school work) Go!

By |June 26th, 2017|

Do you have kids? If so, you know what this week holds. The Big Purge. Teachers are emptying desks, lockers, bulletin boards, and every square inch of their classrooms. Your children’s backpacks will be bulging at the seams with school work that has accumulated since last September. And maybe a few pieces from other kids […]

The Grief Timeline: Processing When You’re Ready

By |June 16th, 2017|

A breeze lifts the curtains, allowing a hint of sun to pierce the darkness. Another day begun. It seemed like only moments ago I finally drifted off to sleep, my tear-stained pillow still damp with yesterday’s trials. Last night’s dreams are no match for the harsh light of day though. The cold pillow beside me […]

The Recycling Business: More than Just Junk

By |May 30th, 2017|

Why Should You Use Load of Rubbish Junk Removal?
In a Word—Recycling

Why should you use Load of Rubbish? In a word—recycling. We’re good at it. It is more than just simple recycling though. Where some junk removal companies collect items and deliver them straight to landfill, Load of Rubbish is different. We do our part to […]

Portrait of a Hoarder: A Day in the Life of LoR

By |May 8th, 2017|

We meet all kinds of interesting people at Load of Rubbish. While some people are pleased as punch to get rid of an old table or TV, there are others who contact us for more involved jobs. We have been into a fair share of homes over the years, and hoarder’s homes always seem to […]

Rethink Tires: Tire Recycling in Ontario

By |April 18th, 2017|

Tire Recycling in Ontario

Ontario recently reached a pretty impressive milestone in its tire recycling history. Through the Ontario Tire Stewardship, the 100 millionth tire was recycled! As ReThink Tires was only formed in 2009, that is pretty impressive. And while the tire recycling mindset wasn’t born overnight, Ontario can boast a 100% diversion rate on […]

Put Your Back Into It: Safe Lifting Techniques with LoR

By |April 6th, 2017|

Safe Lifting Techniques
Have you ever helped a friend move? It’s one thing to pick up a small box or garbage bag full of clothes, but when you get into heavier items it can be a pain. Literally. For your back anyway, if you don’t use proper lifting techniques.

Load of Rubbish understands the value of proper […]

Perks of a Capsule Wardrobe

By |March 28th, 2017|

Have you ever thought about how many clothes you own? Years ago people would have two sets of clothes; one for everyday and their Sunday best. Nowadays people have whole rooms dedicated to clothes. What happened?

Well, Consumerism happened and our constant obsession with getting the next best thing; Fast Fashion, if you will. We want […]

Cleaning Out Student Residences

By |March 8th, 2017|

School is winding down for another year. Classes at Western University end on April 7th with exams running from April 9-30. At Fanshawe College, the end of winter term is April 26th. That means that College and University students are in the final push to finish all assignments, but also that it is time for […]

Outdated Technology: Where Does it Go?

By |February 22nd, 2017|

What Do we Do with Outdated Technology?

Digital technology is not new. We have been evolving towards it from mechanical and analog technology since the 1950s. The speed with which the changes have occurred has been staggering over the last few decades though. Gone are the bunny ears for massive tube television sets. Tape decks are […]

Hoarding: A Disorder Worth Parting From

By |February 10th, 2017|

A random google search for ‘hoarding’ nets 18 million hits. The results mainly link to medical sites. The reason; hoarding is a compulsive disorder in which people struggle to discard of stuff. The Mayo Clinic explains;
“Hoarding disorder is a persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions because of a perceived need to save them. A […]